Contents of Test Program


(9 Operation Check of Liquid Crystal Display

(LCD) Unit

LED Illumination Check

g) Switch Operation Check

04 MIDI Input/Output Check

(g) A/D Offset Adjustment

g) DRAM Check


The SPX90 has built-in test programs for checking its various functions. The checking procedures and contents of the test programs are described below.

Note that check sum of the ROM, the S-RAM read/ write test, and the checking of the control circuits of DSP and MOD are automatically performed during normal operation by the main program when the POWER switch is switched ON.






Activation of the Test Program


To activate the Test Program depress and hold down the PARAMETER key and FOOT TRIGGER key, while turning ON the POWER switch of the SPX90.




Selection of Each Routine of the Test Program


After selecting the desiredroutineusingthe MEMORY UP and DOWN keys, press the R ECALL key, to initiate the test.




Return to Normal Operation From the Test Program


Normal operation is restored after Test 6 is completed, providing that Tests 1 through 5. An alternate exit procedure can performed by incrementing to 90 on the LED readout and then press the RECALL key. Normal operation can be restored regardless of whether or not Tests. 1 through 5 were executed.




Test Program ~ 1................. LCD Check Press the MEMORY UP key, to select Routine No. 1, then press the RECALL key, to initiate the test.

This test repeats the ON/OFF operation of all LCD display dots five times, to visually confirm that the entire display area is normal.


Test Program ~, 2........ LED Illumination Check Press the MEMORY key to select Routine No. 2, the’h press the RECALL key to initiate the test.

This test illuminates the seven-segment LED in the sequence of 0, 11, 22 to 99. The test illuminates the LED indicators of the key switches in the following sequence: PARAMETER, BALANCE, UTILITY, FOOT TRIGGER, and BYPASS. Afterwards, all segments of the seven-segment LED display and all LED indicators of the key switches are illuminated for about three seconds.