· Functions

The S-750 is a 16-bit sampler, with features such as the following.



· 2 Mbytes of wave memory, expandable to a maximum of 18 Mbytes by installing an optional expansion board.



· 1 Mbyte 2HD floppy disk drive.



SCSI interface.



· RGB monochrome display output.



Sampling frequencies of 48k, 44.1k, 24k, and 22.05k, with capabilities of stereo sampling and resampling.



· 6 channels of individual output in addition to stereo




· Editing can be performed using the mouse controller. An optional remote controller can also be connected.


· Overview of circuitry

The circuitry can be broadly divided into the sampler section centered around the sampler chips (IC 37, 38), and the peripheral 1/0 section (FDD, SCSI, VDP). The sampler section can be divided into the analog section (mainly A/D and D/A) and the digital section (the sampler chips).




· Explanation of components








· Gate array HG62E33 (IC25)

This performs the functions of DRAM, DMA controller, serial 1/0, interrupt controller, etc.



· D-RAM M5M44256AP (ICS-11)

These are 2S6K x bit D-RAMs. When the power is turned on, the system program is loaded from HD or FDD into this D-RAM, and begins running.



· EEPROM RP93C46 (IC27)

This EEPROM stores system parameters such as master clock, etc.



· SCSI interface MB89352PF (IC1)

This SCSI protocol controller controls the internal hard disk and external storage devices (M0-7, C0-5, etc.).



· VDP RF5C16A (IC13)

This controls the RBG display, and is externally connected to D-RAM (IC4-7).





· EEPROM RP93C46 (IC27)