When starting the S-750/S-770 with the system disk (SYS-772 Ver 2.0), this Test Mode can be executed.



· Entering Test Mode



· While pressing the "F2" button on the front the power on. (The Test Mode starts with FDD or the HDD.)


panel, turn either the


· When the Test Mode has started, the following display (Fig.1) will appear on the screen.




$ S-750/ S-770 @ i 8 f l f- l 7, 1 (SYS-772 Ver2.0) 7"400] L t-G$, -era b+ – F5‘'0~r5kf.


%A"ii4~5 4R

· ~ 5 z (MU-1)

· CRT V" A 7,7ş1 f


· ~~ I-~ – l'~nA~)~


· v a i b "şi )E Ln EF2J f P i+I l ~i5< 6, 4~.%%-A.

(FDD, HDD ~" 5 AY tL5+l f C gal, >)

· 3r5 Elis L, Fig 1 o-)Wgjl=ti Q f4.





a ~3 P e4 .Ha







Using the mouse, move the cursor on "NAME" the left button, and "ASCII Keyboard" will be


and click displayed.


Selecting the alphabets using the mouse, enter "Dragon". (Pressing the left mouse button selects small letters, while pressing the right button specifies capital letters.) (See Fig.2.)


Cv~J R~3A – '/JI4 lNAMEJ (=~~~AClr-R-( i W% 2 'J i P44L IASCII KeyboardJ $<k~5Akg. ~DZYY)t ~ ~~'' I 4-iRU'~i$‘'b I DragonJ LMJ L k4. (vDRWA-R+ i+4-




Using the mouse, move the cursor and click on - "EXIT" - "Monitor" - "Module". The following (Fig.3) will appear on the screen.




"EXIT" display


· v5 Z C I EXITS ~ I EXITJ ~ I MonitorJ ~ I Modulej L 8 – '/)l4~~A@g 'J p 244 ~, Fig.303L~lJ[fgl




Move the cursor to the lower right corner of the where it disappears, and click the left button twice


screen while


pressing the right button. Then, move the cursor and click on "Index" to open the window. (See Fig.4.)




- - r W – ') 44 W ihip' F@e e – ) ~E5‘(O’A. 6 feil )= V-~

Y, ~Dzo>4zY i+%fVL’i5‘'e, f~zl z+%2UşP 'J i 0 L i'd. +<V@, Ø – 'J JI% I IndexJ l ~~5Cg ') y Ø I, 9< ~ 4-g 5 g g. (Fig.4)

-? YDl