After the initial reading from the disk is complete, press the following buttons in the order of arrows.


MENU 0dec


e CRT will display "Hacker mode". (Fig. A)



5. Press UTILITY and MENU in that order to load

the utility menu data from the disk.

sing the cursor buttons, position the cursor at



"The Test". Press EXCUTE button and the Test

Mode Menu is displayed.



Test Programs

-wave Check

This is to test array of 1M bit DRAM memory consisting

f ICs, 37 48 for wave data.

n the main menu of the test program perform the



os' ton the cursor to "Wave Check" and press


The program will perform the following tests while

"displaying counts in hexadecimal number from 00

"to F, in brackes in the test title field.

.Writes test data into DRAMs ICs, 37 48 during

the 1st counting cycle.

; Reads the test data from the DRAMs during the

second counting cycle and compare them with

those written into previously.

: Displays "Complete" when all DRAMs are verified

:: to be intact.

. Displays, when mismatched bit pair(s) is detected,

error messages as exampled in Fig. C.



Error bank ... Indicates the bank on which the

AM showing error status exists.