Other method to repare your synth : the pendulum ! (it's works with a few practice)

For protection and calibration: use stones as Tourmaline and Cristals...(for yourself, use Bach flowers remedies)

Additional information about para-electronic, search keys : global consciousness electronic random


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My name is Doudou 

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Collecting synthesizer schematics in 1980, this site existe since January 1998. Sorry fot the adds, spam ...Use a firewall...!

Thank's to all of my friends( Jo , Roro, Filon...) and for music (Donintelo, Lorie, Thomas, Francois...)

Sorry to be late for reparing some links, i've traveled in Brasil (to learn electromagnetism, radiesthesie,dowsing, ethnologie, capoeira...) and and England (for hyperfrequency micowaves transmission) during 3 years traveling , 160 Miles Milles done !!!

Today, i ' am working on internet video projects and new site about alternatives therapies with Celia .

Coming soon ...

Houps, the most important is :

   PEACE ON EARTH  ! please, s'il vous plait, por favor !!!