The preload card mentioned above is the card used at shipment.

If you wish to load your own data, or if there is no preload card, switch off the power to forcibly end the test mode and then switch the power on again, and load your data from a floppy disk.


Flo Disk Drive Test


This test checks the READ, WRITE and COMPARE functions of the floppy disk drive.


Turn the power on while pressing both [ENTER] and [1].


When the menu screen appears, press [0] to enter the Floppy Disk Drive Test mode.


Insert a blank floppy disk into the floppy disk drive and press

[ENTER] to start testing the floppy disk drive.

(It takes about four minutes to complete this test.)

When the result is normal, 'Completed' is displayed on the LCD.

When an error is found, the LCD blinks and an error message is displayed.


Error messages durin FDD test


[Test step]


[LCD indication]


During format type check


During disk formatting


During verifying after formatting



ENTER To Cont.


error(1),(2),(3) @Format



@Format Verify


error number:

(I) Drive Not Ready

(2) Data Error

(3) Write Protected

(4) Disk Type Error

(5) No File

(6) Verify Error


During the writing to all sectors


error(1),(2),(3) @Write


During the reading to all sectors


error(1),(2) @Read


During initialization of the boot sector


error(1),(2),(3) @Write Boot


During file writing


error(1),(2),(3),(4) @Write Verify


During verifying after reading the file


error(1), (2), (4),(5), (6) @Verify