Adjust VRll if necessary.

After check, set KBD TRACK to 0, and HOLD to OFF.

10. VGA EG check.

Set RESONANCE to 10, CUTOFF to 10. Following chart below, play keys and check VGA EG operation by ear.











Desired value



3 10


0 0


0 0

0 0




2,4msec 13sec



0 0


3 10


0 0


0 0




10msec 25sec



0 0


0 0


10 0


0 0









0 0

0 0


10 10


3 10







11. Wheel check and adjustment

EFFECT SW, WHEEL SW pitch deviation adjustment.

Set all VCO OCTAVE selectors to 16, WAVE-FORM to, A~4 key on HOLD. Connect WT-12 (METER, OCT M, AD) to SIG OUT and adjust to obtain 0 cent reading.

1) With VCO1 LEVEL at 10, EFFECT MODE SW at SYNC, SINGLE, switch EFFECT SW ON and OFF and confirm WT-12 meter indication change of within

2) With VCO1 LEVEL at 10 and EFFECT SW off, change BEND SW between VCO1/SLAVE, PITCH, and VCF positions and confirm +1cent WT-12 reading. Adjust KLM-353 VR-4 if necessary.

3) With the same settings as 2) above, change MG switch position and confirm same +1 cent reading. Adjust Kl M-353 YR-5 if necessary.

After check, turn VCO 1 LEVEL back to

4) VCO2 LEVEL to 10, turn TUNE knob to obtain Ocent.

Set EFFECT MODE SW to X-MOD, SINGLE, X-MOD lNT to 0, then turn EFFECT SW ON and OFF and check amount of change in tuner indication.

5) Perform step 4) for VCO3 and VCO4 in the same way.

6) Select VCO exhibiting the greatest variation and adjust YR-15 {KLM-354) to minimize change when EFFECT SW is turned on and off.

Due to circuit modification, please make adjustment according to following measures on the MPQ after MAY production.


[K LM-355]

1 NOISE GAIN check and adjustment.

Set VCO1,2,3,4toO

Set NOISE LEYEL to 10 and confirm noise level

3.0 5.0 V P-P

If necessary, adjust VR20

After check, turn NOISE LEVEL back to 0.

2 VCF VGA check and adjustment

Set VCO1, 2, 3, 4 to 0 FC to 10 RESONANCE to 0

VCAEG A to 0, D to 0, S to 0, R to 0.

Play any single key and confirm noise level


A: Less than 100mV 8: Less than 10mV

If necessary adjust VR11 to minimum for Aaccording to above modification. We don't need VCF KBD TRACK adjustment (Regarding to VR11)