1) This product has been throughly adjusted at the factory before shipment. Therefore never turn any Semi Fixed VRs other than those required for servicing.

2) After turning on power, wait at least 15 minutes before beginning test and adjustment.

3) Be sure to save the data on tape before loading test data as when loading test data into DW-8000, previous data is erased.


1. Clearing RAM and Loading Test Data

1) After keeping DW-8000 power on at least 15 minutes,

once turn off power and then on pressing number keys

(5)and [8).

2) Connect to an Amplifier etc. and confirm if there is no

sound to check all data of RAM have been erased.

3) Load Test Data.

"For convenience, save those chart on tape as Check and

Adjustment procedure described below is always made

with the data.


2. D/A converter, CV Check and Adjustment Procedure

(K LM-6611

1) Turn off power and then on pressing number keys [5]

and [61 at the same time.

2) Confirm if UrEF (Voltage reference) is displayed and

becomes Test Mode 1.

3) Connect a Digital Voltmeter to Test Points: [TP-AG],

[TP-REF1] allocated in left side of the board.

GND side – [TP-AG], +side – [TP-REF1]

4) Memorize the value of Digital Voltmeter and then

connect as follows.

+side – [TP-CV]

5) Adjust VRl to obtain the same value as one of +side

– [TP-REF1] .


Remarks: Adjustment value is in range of 3.29V – 3.64V. Note: Test note :Mode 1 cannot be cancelled till being reset.

(Power OFF – ON)