3. Using the diagnostics and utility programs

To test DW-8000 functions you can use the built-in diagno-

stics and utility programs. These are executed by holding

down particular number keys (in the synthesizer's "pro-

grammer" section) and at the same time turning on the

power (i.e., resetting the unit).

1,2: (1) Displays system ROM version number. The

system ROM version number is shown in the value

display. Version number 850708 is indicated by


(2) Sets write protect attribute. This is useful when

displaying the synthesizer in a shop. It prevents

anything from being written into memory. Ef‘ective

on versions 850709 and later.



5, 6: Reference voltage adjustment mode. Refer to the adjustment procedures.


7, 8: Tuning mode.

Tune fixed, touch sense maximums setting, voice


Refer to adjustment procedures.


5, 8: RAM clear mode.

Erases 64 sound program settings from memory.