{{ 0. Before you start the diagnostic test }}


Once this diagnostic test is started, the data in the 03R/W will be initialized. If necessary data are memorized in it, please save the data into a RAN card, etc. before starting the test.


{{ 1. Starting the test program }}


The test program is memorized in the system RON.


1) Connect MIDI IN and OUT with a MIDI cable.


2) Connect a shor: plug for the test to the remote terminal.( The short plug should be the 8 pin DIN plug whose 1 pin and 4 pin, 3 pin and 5 pin are short-circuited.)


3) Insert a PCM card ( XSC-801 ) and a RAM card ( SRC-512 ) into each card slot. At this time the protect switch of the RAN card must be set to OFF.


4) The test program will start when the power is turned on while pressing [PROG] and [+10] simultaneously. Then, when you turn the power on while pressing [+1] and [-1] simultaneously, you can omit the internal check 404 – 010.




%hen the test mode starts, the following test will be automatically carried out.


System RON CheckSun

S RAM Check


~ LSI Interface Check

Internal Hatteras Check

~ Card Battery Check

w RAM Card Write/Read Check (

~ MIDI Loop Check

~ Remote Terminal Check

~ PCM Card Interface Check

~ PCM ROM Check


Internal Test 00 ) Internal Test 01 ) Internal Test 02 ) Internal Test 03 ) Internal Test 04 ) Internal Test 05 ) Internal Test 06 ) Internal Test 07 ) Internal Test 08 ) Internal Test 09 ) Internal Test 10 )


In case that an error occurs at the internal test 000: System RON Check Sum, the following message will be indicated in the LCD and the test program will stop.


SystewROM ChkSuM Error: Verify